ENT Surgical Instrument

We are manufacturing, exporting and supplying excellent quality ENT Surgical Instruments to the clients. These ENT Surgical Instruments are manufactured from quality stainless steel and titanium. We offer ENT Surgical Instrument for Otology, Rhinologyn/Rhino Plasty, Sinoscopy, Tonsillectomy, and Laryngology. These ENT Surgical Instruments are precisely engineered, and are available with us at market leading price.

Following sets are also available :
  • Caw Thorne hook set (Set of 8 instruments)
  • Stapedctomy set (Set of 9 instruments)
  • Austin middle ear set (Set of 12 instruments)
  • Myringotomy set (Set of 15 instruments)
  • Tympano Plasty set (Set of 22 instruments)
  • Mastoid Surgery set (Set of 28 instruments)
  • Septo Rahino Plasty set (Set of 25 instruments)
  • Paranasal Sinus Surgery set (Set of 18 instruments)
  • DCR Surgery set (Set of 20 instruments)
  • Tonsillactomy & Adenoi Dectomy set (Set of 25 instruments)